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Purebond Nonabsorbable Surgical Suture U.S.P, Braided & Coated Polyester Sutures

Polyester sutures like braided polyester sutures, coated polyester sutures are known for their superior knot performance and ease of manipulation. Made from quality material, these are available in different sizes and specifications to satisfy our most demanding clients.

Technical Details :

Product :

"PUREBOND" Nonabsorbable Surgical Suture U.S.P, Braided & Coated Polyester Sutures


Pre- stabilized polyethylene terphthalate

Colour :

Green and White

Dye Used :

D & C Green CI 61565 (USFDA Approved)


Coated with polybutylate / Wax / silicone


Ethylene Oxide

Shelf Life :

5 years


- USP Sizes available : 6/0 - 5.
- With needle-Suture lengths from 45cms to 75cms & Needle length from 12mm to 50mm*.
* Includes variety of Stainless Steel needles like Round bodied, Cutting, Reverse cutting, Taper cutting, Taper point etc. Grade of Stainless Steel -AISI 420.


- Dry.
- Primary packaging- Aluminium foil.
- Secondary packaging-Medical grade paper & Polyester laminated polyfilm.
- Pack of 12s- 400gms Super chromo board.
- Master shipper 100 boxes of 12s ( 5 ply of 20Kg/cm² burst strength-54X33X33cms) weighing approximately 10 Kgs with products.
- Purebond Plus Cardio vascular sutures are packed in printed folders, sealed with Tyvek - Paper and Polyester laminated Poly film


Excellent strength & handling properties. Coloured bright green for improved visibility. Flexible, elongates to support for optimum knotting. Coated for smooth tissue passage & does not soak up in body fluids. Material yields to extended approximation & has no tissue reaction.

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