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Foley balloon catheter

This is a tube that goes through your urethra into the bladder. It has a balloon on the end to keep it in your bladder. It is connected to a drainage bag on the other end. The Foley Catheter will be placed during surgery. It is removed 4-5 days after surgery.

Definition of Foley Catheter

  • Foley Catheters are flexible (usually latex) tubes that are passed through the urethra during urinary catheterization and into the bladder to drain urine. They are retained by means of a balloon at the tip which is inflated with sterile water.
  • Foley Catheter is held in the bladder by an inflatable balloon.
  • Foley Catheter is a tube inserted into the urinary bladder for drainage of urine. The urine drains through the tube and collects into a plastic bag.
  • Inserted into the bladder, through the urethra for continuous emptying of the bladder.
  • A catheter inserted in the penis and threaded through the urethra to the bladder where it is held in place with a tiny, inflated balloon. It removes urine from the bladder and can be used to irrigate the urethra and prevent blood clots.

Features of Foley Balloon Catheter

  • Latex, Siliconised
  • Smooth tapered tip of catheters facilitates easy introducing into the urethra
  • The drainage eyes are accurately formed to permit effective drainage
  • The symmetrical balloon expands equally in all directions so as to perform its function of retaining bladder efficiently
  • The smooth outer surface is specially treated with medical grade silicon fluid which facilitates easy passage through urethra
  • Colour Coded sleeves are useful for easy and rapid size identification
  • Plastic valve permits simple use of all commonly used type of syringe nozzles for easy inflation / deflation and are proved to be more efficient than Rubber valves
  • Available with Plastic or Rubber value
  • Also available Female catheter with length 22 cms



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