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Pureglyde Polyglycolic Acid sutures

Technical Details :

Product :

PUREGLYDE " Absorbable Surgical Suture U.S.P, (Synthetic) Polyglycolic Acid sutures


100% Polyglycolic Acid- Braided & Coated

Colour :

Violet & undyed

Dye Used :

D & C Violet (US FDA approved dye)


Calcium Stearate & Polycaprolactone


Ethylene Oxide

Shelf Life :

5 years


- U.S.P Sizes available : 5-0 to 2
- Without needle- 150cms
- With needle- Suture lengths from 45cms to 90cms & Needle length from 12mm to 50mm*
* Includes variety of Stainless Steel needles like Round Bodied cutting, reverse cutting, taper cutting, taper point etc. Grade of Stainless Steel -AISI 420


- Dry
- Primary packaging- Aluminium Foil.
- Secondary packaging- Medical grade paper & Polyester laminated poly film.
- Packs of 12pcs- 500gsm super chromo board carton.
- Master shipper 100 boxes of 12s ( 5 ply of 20 Kgs/cm² burst strength - 54 x 33 x 33 cms) weighing approximately 10 Kgs with products.


- Absorbed by hydrolysis, absorption within 60-90 days.
- Minimal tissue reaction.
- Coating ensures smooth tissue passage least memory & outstanding pliability.
Absorbable polyglycolic acid sutures are known for their high quality and undoubted performance.

Made-up of braided and coated 100% Polyglycolic acid, these are superior in absorption with shelf life of 5 years.

Available in convenient and safe packaging, these sutures are appreciated by our most clients.

Pureglyde Polyglycolic Acid sutures Download size chart



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