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Anaesthesia- Guedel


When a patient stops breathing, inserting a Guedel Airway device is the quickest way to provide a patent airway.

  • The Guedel Airway has 3 parts: The Flang, The Body and The Tip.
  • The Flang is the piece that protrudes from the mouth and rest against the lips, preventing the device from sinking into the pharynx.
  • The Body follows the contour of the roof of the mouth and will curve over rest on top of the tongue.
  • The Tip (or distal end) sits at the base of the tongue.

Did you know? The Guedel Airway was designed by Arthur E. Guedel (1883-1956)

What is a Guedel Airway?

  • They are designed to allow free airflow.
  • An orpharyngeal Airway (also known as OPA) or Oral Airway or Guedel Pattern Airway.
  • It is a medical device called an airway adjunct used to maintain an open airway. It does this by preventing the tongue form covering the epiglottis, which could prevent the patient form breathing.
  • When a person becomes unconscious, the muscles in their jaw relax and may allow the tongue to obstruct the windpipe or airway.

Who uses Guedel Airways?

  • All Hospitals, (Trauma units) (ICU)
  • Paramedics, (Ambulance)
  • Guedel Airways are usually used on unconscious patients because there is a high probability that the device would stimulate a conscious or semi-conscious patient gag reflux.

Why are Guedel Airways colour coded?

  • For easy size identification and combination while their flexible material and smooth edges minimize tissue trauma.

What does each colour and size of the Guedel Airways represent?

  • 40mm      – pink/ violet    –  size  000  (used on Newborns)
  • 50mm      –  blue               –  size    00 (used on Infants)
  • 60mm      –  black            –  size      0  (used on a Small Child)
  • 70mm      –  white             –  size       1 (used on a Bigger Child)
  • 80mm      –  green            –  size       2 (Small Adult)
  • 90mm      –  orange          –  size       3 (Medium Adult)
  • 100mm    –  red                 –  size       4 (Large Adult)
  • 110mm    –  yellow           –  size       5 (XLarge Adult)

Our Product Detail on Guedel Airways

  • Soft, clear Guedel Airways – it is clear and has a colour coded bite block.
  • Guedel Airways has a smooth finish and is latex free.
  • Smooth round edges minimizes tissue trauma.
  • Robust bite block prevents occlusion.
  • Our Guedel Airways are made with enclosed open centre channel to allow access to the respiratory tract and a reinforced bite block.
  • Smooth re-inforced white polyethylene airway.
  • Colour coded for easy identification.
  • Smooth and flexible.
  • Single use on patient.
  • Sterile

Why should you use Pure Wonder-Med’s Guedel Airways?

  • Our Guedel Airways have been carefully designed to meet the rigorous demands of the most discriminating healthcare professionals throughout the world.
  • Manufactured from the finest materials with an uncompromising concern for quality.

Insertion of Guedel Airways

  • To get the right size, use the device itself as a measure. When you place it on the patient’s cheek with the flange parallel to his front teeth, the tip of the oropharyngeal airway should reach no further than the angle of the jaw. If the airway is too long, it could obstruct breathing by displacing the tongue against the oropharynx. If it’s too short, it won’t be able to hold the tongue away from the pharynx and patency won’t be restored.

  • Before insertion, suction the patient’s mouth and pharynx to remove any secretions. Place the patient in a supine or semi-Fowler’s position and tilt the head back, unless this is contraindicated. With gloved hands, remove dentures (if they’re present) and prepare to insert the device
  • Now you’re ready. First open the patient’s mouth using the cross finger method, placing your thumb on the patient’s bottom teeth and your index finger on the upper teeth, then gently pushing them apart. With the patient’s mouth open as wide as possible, begin inserting the airway upside down, with the curvature toward the tongue to prevent pushing the tongue back into the pharynx.

When properly inserted, the Guedel Airway will hold tongue away from the posterior pharynx so air can pass through the round device.

How to insert Guedel Airway

  • The correct size is chosen by measuring against the patient’s head.
  • The flang is aligned with the centre of the lips and the tip to the angle of the jaw.
  • The Guedel Airway is then inserted into the patient’s mouth upside down.
  • Once contact is made with the back of the throat, the Guedel Airway is rotated 180˚ degrees allowing for easy insertion and assuring that the tongue is secure.

How to remove a Guedel Airway

  • To remove a Guedel Airway: It is pulled out following the curvature of the tongue. No rotation is necessary.

Our Product Features on Guedel Airways

  • Triple purpose airway: Bite block, Tongue depressor, Anatomically curved to contour to the Pharynx.
  • Reinforced bite block helps prevent airway collapse.
  • These single use, plastic airways are designed to offer the user an added edge in the quick treatment of patients.
  • Colour inserts are coded to match the coding for the largest suction catheters that will pass through the airways
  • Colour coded
  • Disposable
  • Polyethylene plastic: is an inexpensive plastic material that is chemically resistant and can be very durable.
  • Firm airway
  • Build in bite block
  • Latex-free, Sterile
  • Type of material made of: Plastic

Basic information of Our Guedel Airways

  • They protect from airway occlusion, from the relaxation of the tongue in an unconscious patient.
  • Made of soft coated plastic to avoid crimping and to protect teeth.
  • The central lumen permits passage of suction catheters to clear secretions from the back of the throat without obstructing the air passage.
  • The top section has a colour coded section for rapid identifying size.

Guedel Airways Description and Catalogue Number

Product Catalogue Number

Product Description
(No Abbreviations


Guedel Airways- Size:000, Length: 40mm


Guedel Airways- Size: 00, Length: 50mm


Guedel Airways- Size: 0, Length: 60mm


Guedel Airways- Size: 1, Length: 70mm


Guedel Airways- Size: 2, Length: 80mm


Guedel Airways- Size: 3, Length: 90mm


Guedel Airways- Size: 4, Length: 100mm


Guedel Airways- Size: 5, Length: 110mm







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