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Pure Wonder Med Profile

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Hello and Welcome to Pure Wonder Med

It is with the "utmost gratitude" that we thank you for visiting our website, the "home" in which you can relax and feel comfortable!

surgical attire

We, at Pure Wonder Med have done lots of research and hard work. We've got theory and techniques. Focus is important to accomplishment...who looks outside "DREAMS" and who looks inside "AWAKENS".

We have an attitude that broadcasts: " I'm always willing to learn more". Thriving is what the lesson of potential is all about, through our challenges and triumphs we've learnt the art of patience.

Because we are so passionate about our products, challenges seem rare, as our passion keeps us engaged, connected and gives us a feeling of excitement.

It is easy to find successful business people but not so easy to find people who put character above business. We are more principle driven than money driven.

surical gloves surical gloves sutures Umbilical cord clamp

Pure Wonder-Med was established in 2009. Although we are a new company, we have hit the shores by storm. We are already on international import and export companies for surgical disposables, supplying Europe, South Africa and Africa.

Pure Wonder Med is focused on taking care of people. We have a strong foundation of core values. Our passion is for enterprise excellence.

Under the abled supervision of our partners we have excelled in our business and have been able to raise the status of our company Pure Wonder-Med has achieved exponential growth in the global medical market.

This is most important to us:

Humility, determination, be open to the ideas of others, believe in people, be focused, be loyal, to have a passion for doing things the right way, compassion for people, extraordinary generosity, uncompromising integrity, classiness: total commitment to making a difference in the quality of life

We have set up a new benchmark in the industry. We have a track record of success as being efficient. We have extensive experience in the healthcare industry.

Our products have been widely appreciated in pharmaceutical and medical industries due to their excellent quality.

We’re a quality driven organization.  We serve the medical industry with innovative state of the art technology.  European standards (en) are strictly adhered to the entire manufacturing process. We strictly adhere to international standards perforation. Our product quality is accredited by UKAS (united kingdom accreditation system), which is considered to be one of the top most accreditation systems worldwide. Pure Wonder Med’s products has been evaluated and certified with CE marks by the European notified body.

Standards/directives or CE1023 marks (en standards) are unanimously laid down by all countries of the European union. Hence ce1023 mark is one of the highest qualities marking in the world. CE1023 mark is the eligibility criteria for a product to be sold and used in the European country. Our products are “eco-friendly”.

Pure Wonder- Med’s products have been tried and tested. Laboratories include: microbiological testing laboratories in-house. Quality control department consists of: physic-chemical laboratories, sterility testing laboratory, pyrogen testing lab. Our products have been through the most stringent testing process from all laboratories, ensuring zero defect products. We have several reputed export companies on our customer list who are very confident and satisfied with our quality standards, competitive pricing and timely delivery. We use high quality packaging to ensure safe delivery at our clients end.


We have appointed a team of highly skilled and trained professionals who assist us in the entire production procedure. The members have an in-depth knowledge about the processing of medical products and are well versed to comprehend the latest technological advancements. The team of quality controllers works in close collaboration with other members of the team for the smooth production of the range.

Following are the members of our team:

·            Engineers
·            Technologists
·            Quality inspectors
·            Administration staff
·            Marketing professionals

Our professionals are well aware of their responsibilities, which allow us in executing our strategy in a planned manner, thereby meeting industry requirements easily.


·           To establish a financially successful medical distribution company using a hands on approach to management and to adhere to the tenets of sound business practices.


·           Our vision is to be a principal-centered, highly innovative, goal driven and a professional organization.
·           To provide service excellence in the medical health sector.
·           To be the most efficient service provider in the distribution of medical consumables.


·            Dedication to perform at the agreed standards with the client and offer more than the expected service.
·            Accountability to the business by offering reliable and efficient service to the client.
·            Responsibility sense with all the staff.
·            Excellent in communication for good business understanding with the staff and the clients.
·            Enthusiastic to work and love what we do for the good image of the company.

Situational analysis

·           the medical market has been stable for the past 8 to 10 years.
·           the demand is great and the potential to distribute medical products worldwide is significant.

Main product range

·            Accessories-umbilical cord clamps
·            Anaesthesia and respiratory care- endotracheal tubes, guedel airways
·            Blood products- blood transfusion set
·            Drapes
·            Gastroentology- Levin’s tube, Ryle’s tube
·            Hygiene products – adult diapers, linen savers
·            Infusion therapy- iv cannula, infusion set, iv flow regulator
·            Surgical attire- caps, face masks, gowns, shoe covers
·            Sutures
·            Urology- foley balloon catheter, nelaton catheter, urine bags

Swot analysis

·            Strength – our keen prices, a dedicated member and staff is a definite strength.
·            Objective – is to supply a good product at competitive prices with excellent services.


·           Where – medical & health related industries eg. government hospitals, private hospitals.
·           Our business will be conducting on-going market research as part of our attempt to identify customer needs, competitor trends and to remain highly successful in all aspects of its operation.


·            Member’s vast experience in the logistics solutions for our customers is an opportunity to provide service excellence.


·           We are enthusiastic about our range of products fully knowing that they are of an excellent standard.
·           Due to our product being of excellent quality they will be good sellers.
·           Our keen prices and excellent customer service will ensure that we are successful in the market place.



Guedel Airways
Endotracheal Tubes


Absorbable Sutures
    - Catgut Sutures (Puregut)
    - Polyglycolic Acid Sutures (Pureglyde)
    - Pureglyde Fast
    - Monoglyde
    - PD Synth
Non Absorbable Sutures
    - Polyamide Sutures (Purelon)
    - Silk Sutures (Puresilk)
    - Polypropylene Sutures (Purelene)
    - Polyester Sutures (Purebond)


Foley Balloon Catheter
All Silicon Foley Catheter
Nelaton Catheter

Surgical Attire

Face Masks
Shoe Covers



Levin's Tube
Ryle’s Tube