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Levin's Tube

A tube designed to be passed into the stomach or duodenum through the nose.

Did you know? Levin Abraham Louis (1880 – 1940), an American Physician, was also the author of numerous articles on gastroenterology. Levin introduced his nasal gastoduodenal tube in 1921. He was also the first to call attention to the function of the liver in reducing blood sugar.

How is the Levin’s Tube inserted?
A Levin’s Tube is inserted through the nose into the upper alimentary canal and is used to facilitate intestinal decompression.

General Info on Levin’s Tube
The Levin’s Tube is flexible with soft wall and is about 4 feet long. It is available in sizes 12 French (small) to 18 French (large). It has a rounded tip with multiple holes and is marked by single circular rings at 10cm (4 inches) intervals. The first been 45cm (18 inches from the tip).

The Levin’s Tube is used primarily for long continued gastric drainage and for gavage feeding. It is also used for diagnostic purposes. Its advantages are that it can be inserted either nasally or orally and that it is firm enough to be passed into an unconscious patient, but flexible enough so there is little danger of producing injury. The chief danger is passing this tube is the possibility of it entering the trachea rather than the esophagus. Care must be taken to avoid injury to the mucous membrane.

Features Of Levin’s Tube

  • For gastro-intestinal feeding and aspiration
  • Soft, frosted and kink resistant PVC tubing
  • Tube with radio-opaque line, marked at 45, 55, 65 and 75 cms from the tip for accurate placement
  • Closed distal end with four lateral eyes
  • Colour coded funnel end connector for easy identification of size
  • Available with or without luer connector
  • Available with DEHP free Tube
  • Length : 125 cms
  • Type of material made of: PVC


Size in FG 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
Colour Light Green Blue Black White Green Orange Red Yellow Violet Light Blue



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