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Nelaton catheter

In urinary catheterization or “cathing” for short, a plastic tube known as a urinary catheter that is gently slid into a patient’s bladed via the urethra.

What is a Nelaton Catheter?
A flexible tube (catheter) used for the short term drainage of urine. Unlike the foley catheter, the Nelaton Catheter has no balloon on its tip and thus cannot stay in unaided. The Nelaton Catheter can be inserted into the bladder via the urethra. Lubrication and local anesthetic are optional. 

Features of Nelaton Catheter

  • Soft, frosted and kink resistant PVC tubing
  • Proximal end is fitted with Universal Funnel shaped connector for safe connection to Urine bag
  • Catheters are manufactured from non-toxic, non-irritant, soft PVC compatible with Catheter lubricants
  • Available with the option of Radio opaque line throughout the length for X-ray visualisation
  • Atraumatic, soft, rounded, closed tip with two lateral eyes for efficient drainage
  • Colour coded plain connector for easy identification of size
  • For short term bladder catheterisation through urethra in males
  • Also available with DEHP free Tube
  • Length : 40 cms


Size in FG 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
Colour Light Green Blue Black White Green Orange Red Yellow Violet Light Blue



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