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Disposable Surgical Gloves

Surgical gloves are personal protection equipment (PPE) designed to protect clinicians in operating room (OR) environments. The primary purpose of surgical gloves is to act as a protective barrier for surgeons and nurses to prevent possible transmission of diseases or pathogens during procedures while working with surgical instruments.

Similar to medical examination glove, surgical glove standards are governed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) within the United States.

However, the FDA requires manufacturers to meet a higher level of quality standards for surgical gloves. All surgical gloves are sterilized and package sealed in pairs for individual use. The sterilization of surgical gloves is standard as surgical procedures often involve open wound operation.

Today, surgical gloves are made from a variety of materials which include latex, polyisoprene, neoprene, and nitrile.

Left/Right Hand Fitted - In contrast to medical exam gloves, surgical gloves are form fitted meaning every pair contains one glove shaped for the left hand and one glove shaped for the right hand. This is to ensure the highest level of comfort to help reduce fatigue from long surgical procedures.

Glove Size - Surgical glove sizes range from 5.5 to 9 in increments of 0.5. The variety of size options ensures the best fitting glove will be available for every surgeon. To view the medical glove size chart, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) governs manufacturing standards for surgical gloves to ensure these medical devices meet certain performance criteria such as leak resistance and barrier strength.

Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) - From 12/29/2008, the AQL standard for surgical gloves will be 1.5. This FDA increased the AQL requirement to ensure manufacturers are making medical gloves with minimal barrier defects such as pinholes.

Tensile Strength - The FDA requires surgical gloves to have tensile strength of at least 24 MPa (before aging). The tensile strength of the glove indicates the amount of force the glove can take before breaking. The higher the tensile strength, the stronger the surgical glove is.

Elongation - The FDA requires surgical gloves to have elongation of at least 750% (before aging). The elongation measurement indicates how far the glove can stretch before breaking. 750% elongation means the surgical glove material must be able to stretch 7.5 times from its original form. The higher the elongation measurement, the higher quality the surgical glove is.

All these disposable items are developed in hygienic condition and under the experts and pharmacists supervision and they conform the international standards of quality.

Disposable Surgical Gloves is manufactured using quality raw material and caters to various hospitals and others.

    Key Features    
    Type   Gamma ray / Ethylene oxide sterilised; Powdered or Powder free.
    Material   High quality Natural Rubber Latex.
    Design & Features   Hand specific; curved fingers; beaded cuff.
    Storage   The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored away from direct lights
& UV-light, in a cool & dry condition at temperature not higher than 30°C.
    Moisture Content   below 0.3% per glove.
    Shelf-life   5 years from date of manufacturing.

  Functional Benefits
Extra strength to protect the surgeons while performing operation.

Fully anatomical design to reduce hand fatigue and improve finger dexterity.
Ensures natural fit and supple feel.
Excellent wet and dry grip from micro—roughened surface.
Easy donning and protects cuff portion also with the extra length.
High strength and elasticity.

  Quality Standards
Conforms to ASTM D3577, IS 13422 and EN455 Standards.
Quality Management System Conforms to QSR (GMP) and ISO 13485:2003
Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide/ Gamma ray irradiation.
Bioburden and sterility tested.

Glove sizes
Sizes : 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5 .


Tests Performed

ASTM D 3577 / IS 13422 Standard


Length (mm) Sizes 6 ± 8 1/2

Min 265

Min 280

Width (mm)


76 ± 6

78 - 80

6 1/2

83 ± 6

86 - 88


89 ± 6

92 - 93

7 1/2

95 ± 6

98 - 100


102 ± 6

105 - 107

8 1/2

104 ± 6

106 - 108

Thickness (mm)


0.10 Min

0.19 Min


0.10 Min

0.17 Min


0.10 Min

0.13 Min

Physical Properties

Tests Performed

ASTM D 3577 / IS 13422 Standard


Before ageing
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 24.0 Min Min 27
Stress at 500% Elongation (Mpa) 5.5 Max Max 5
Elongation At Break (%) 750 Min Min 800
After Ageing Tensile Strength (Mpa) 18.0 Min Min 24
Elongation At Break (%) 560 Min Min 750
Water Tightness Test G-1,
AQL 1.5
  Max 10 holes in 315 pairs Max 7 holes in 315 pairs
(1 AQL)

Protein Content, Max
  200 µg/ dm2 100
Powder Content, Max   15 mg / dm2 9

Disposable Surgical Gloves
  Our spectrum of Gloves includes:

- Disposable Rubber Gloves,

- Exam Gloves, Surgical Gloves,

- Medical Latex Exam Gloves,

- Powder Free Gloves,

- Latex Examination Gloves,

- Latex Free Gloves, etc.



If you are wearing surgical gloves for the first time, finding the correct surgical glove size may take longer than expected.

Expect to try on a bunch of pairs before you settle on the perfect fit. Note that sizing for surgical gloves may feel different from brand to brand.

Manufactures do not share the same formers that shape the surgical gloves but have their own specification.

1. Sterile surgical gloves are used to protect patients and health care workers (HCWs) from infection during surgery and to shield HCWs from exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

2. Latex gloves have been used since the nineteenth century, initially by perioperative nurses to protect their hands and eventually by surgeons to protect patients from microorganisms.

3. Powder-free medical gloves are also used in medical clean room environments, where the need for cleanliness is often similar to that in a sensitive medical environment.



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Surgical Gloves
Exam Latex Gloves
Nitrile Gloves
    - Extenda - Sterile Long Cuff Gloves
    - Latex Surgical Gloves - Non-Beaded
    - Latex Surgical Gloves - Beaded
    - Sterile Latex Examination Gloves
    - Sterile Latex Surgical Orthopaedic Gloves
    - Extenda - Sterile Long Cuff Gloves
    - Latex Surgical Gloves - Non-Beaded
    - Polymer Coated Latex Surgical Gloves Beaded
    - Sterile Latex Examination Gloves
    - Sterile Vinyl Examination Gloves
    - Sterile Latex Microsurgery Gloves


Absorbable Sutures
    - Catgut Sutures (Puregut)
    - Polyglycolic Acid Sutures (Pureglyde)
    - Pureglyde Fast
    - Monoglyde
    - PD Synth
Non Absorbable Sutures
    - Polyamide Sutures (Purelon)
    - Silk Sutures (Puresilk)
    - Polypropylene Sutures (Purelene)
    - Polyester Sutures (Purebond)


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